Geotechnical Site Investigation

LISCON Geotechnical Limited conducts geotechnical soil investigations in both Onshore and Offshore areas including swampy and near shore terrain. We possess an immense experience and expertise in foundation designs for all kinds of construction projects including: Buildings, Bridges, Roads, Landing Jetty, Shore Protection, Oil & Gas Pipeline Right-Of-Way, Tank Farm, Earth Dam, Sand Search Operations, etc.

Our geotechnical investigation services encompasses the following:

  • Soil Sampling: Boring using Cable Percussion Drilling Rig, Augaring, and Test Pitting
  • In Situ Testing: Standard Penetration Test (SPT) & Cone Penetration Test (CPT).
  • Laboratory Testing: Atterberg Limits, Particle Size Analysis, Unit Weight and Water Content determination, Oedometer test/Consolidation test, Permeability test, Direct Shear and Triaxial tests, Unconfined Compression test, CBR test, etc.
  • Geotechnical Reporting: The Final Report shall include but not limited to: (a) Results of both in situ & laboratory tests conducted. (b) Graphs showing Cumulative Ultimate Skin Friction & Ultimate End Bearing Capacity & Depth for Piles for each sampling borehole. (c) Recommendations for: Bearing capacity for shallow foundation, Pile capacity resistance to compression and tension for deep foundations, Settlement for shallow foundation, Underground water level and Borehole logs, elevation and coordinates as well as Site photographs.

Geophysical Survey

LISCON Geotechnical Limited provides geophysical survey services for both engineering construction and water borehole drilling purposes including soil resistivity testing, sounding and profiling; using Minires Resistivity Meter manufactured in USA by L and R instruments.


Water Borehole Drilling

We supply borehole drilling for both industrial and domestic needs. All our borehole drilling work encompasses a complete service from an initial consultation and survey to water abstraction and treatment. Our services in this aspect include Ground Water Survey, Borehole Drilling and Development, Borehole Rehabilitation / Repair, and Test Pumping and Pump Installation.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment is multi-disciplinary nature and therefore requires an input from a wide range of professionals. For each project the required specialists are brought together to form the perfect project team.  LISCON Geotechnical Limited’s policy on skills resourcing is to provide a comprehensive range of directly available specialists. These include: Geology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Environmental Technology/Safety, Microbiology, Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Toxicology, Geochemistry, Ecology, Chemical Engineering, Hydrobiology, Survey, Community/Human Relations and Zoology.


* Bathymetry Survey

*Underwater Sand Search Operations

*Plate Load Test and Pile Integrity Test.